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:: <2003.04.17> :: <Ugly Joe> ::
Sorry for the lack of real updates. I've been working on some things. More on that later. This week has been utter crap. Tests and projects and other assignments due. College is so much worse when you try to get good grades. However...

...college is much more fun when you're downloading stuff that you shouldn't legally have. First, Radiohead's new album, "Hail to the Thief" (due out in June) got leaked. It is, apparently, not the finished product. From what I can hear, however, it is friggin' awesome. It's kinda like Kid A but a bit more structured. I almost think that they did this on purpose, though. I mean, I haven't bought a Radiohead album since The Bends. If what I have now is a different version than the actual album, I may have to go out and buy it so I can hear how it is really supposed to sound. Besides, cymbals sound like utter crap in mp3 (and even worse in wma, i've found out).

Slightly less illegal is the newly translated SNES game "Radical Dreamers." The game is based on the Chrono Trigger series...sorta. It has characters that appear in Chrono Chross, so it's like an inbetween game. It's nothing like either game, however. It resembles more of a 'choose your own adventure' book. I used to read those things all the time (which reminds me, if anyone knows of some kind of online copy of either of Stine's 'Hark' books, let me know...not that you will...). The translation is done very well. It almost makes me want to try and write my own...hrm....

As far as the site goes, I'm working on a bit of a community project. I don't really want to get into it...so I won't.

Since my week basically ends on wednesday nights, I'm gonna sleep in tomorrow and do pretty much nothing. I like my Thursdays.
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:: <Ugly Joe> Web PageAIMEmail <2003-04-21 00:28:33> ::
Ah. Beaten it yet? It's a lot shorter than I had hoped.

:: <Matt> AIM <2003-04-20 20:39:27> ::
I've been playing the translated Radical Dreamers as well....um, that's all I can think of saying right now, so I'm not gonna say anything else.