"it's only teenage wasteland..."
The Who
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:: <2003.04.23> :: <Ugly Joe> ::

Yes. That is snow. Spring thought it had overthrown winter, but it was merely a rouse. Sure, sure. It was sunny out, the flowers bloomed, new grass was planted, people were outside, and sacks were being hackied. Meanwhile, winter sat in the background, waiting for just the right moment to crush spring's gentle spirit. Today was that day. I'm awake at 7:30 am, eyes still blurry, but I can see the snow falling outside. And I smile. Going to my 8am class in the snow again. Headphones adorned and Bright Eyes lulling the half-mile walk. It almost makes waking up this early worthwhile. In the library after class, I got a seat with a better view. I finally read a bit of that book I bought a while back. Mostly, though, I just watched the snow fall, listening to music, and blocked out everything else.

It's been a good morning.
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