"your bone's got a little machine
you're the bone machine"
The Pixies - Bone Machine
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:: <04.23.2003> :: <Ugly Joe> ::
My day started off very emo. There was snow and headphones and all that forlorn crap. Now, however, the snow has stopped. It's a bit warm outside. And I'm listening to Mindless Self Indulgence...which is about as far away from emo as it gets. Oh well. A sturdy nap has removed three hours from my day and given me a second chance on being productive. HA!

Trust me, I'm downright frightening when I'm productive.

For example, I managed to code that thing I was talking about in primarily two nights. The end product is the Lost Desk Department (which is at http://ldd.ximwix.net). Since I know a bunch of people who don't run blogs since they are so lazy and would update infrequently, I decided to throw together what I call a 'community blog.' I figure if each of these people would update about once a month on their own site, and I can get five or six people, then things should work out pretty well. Unless they all update in the same week or something. Foolishness and poppycock!

I did read some of that Indie book. It's really good, but has adverse effects on me. It has the ability to rise old pent up angsty rage and such. I'll be sitting there reading it, and if someone came and tapped on my shoulder I swear I'd cuss them out and punch them in the face or something. The key word here is 'limited dosages.' Other effects include making me wish I followed some kind of scene a lot more than I did. At this point I look at what I intend NoisE to be...and then I look at Epitonic and am just like...it's possible.

So...ten minutes or so later and I'm still listening to Mindless Self Indulgence. The thing with these guys is that you'll listen to them and think, "this isn't all that great." And then you hit stop and are like, "well, i guess one more song." No band does it quite like these guys. You'd have to hear it to understand...though I kinda reccomend that you don't...
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