"We did the clubs. What ass!
I was hoping to have her in the sack.
I was looking handsome,
She was looking like an erotic vulture.
I was all dressed in black
She was all dressed up in black.
Everything was fine down here
What you call it here
Call it what you will here
Way down in this
The Pixies - Subbacultcha
:: Word-s-Lost... ::
:: <2003.04.29> :: <Who Knows> ::

and then there's the meaningless indoor banter. blank stares at the screen and at the wall. so much time just sitting. and thinking. never amounting to anything remotely useful. stupid little collections and trinkets. i don't even care about it. it could all burn down and i wouldn't care. just give me a sad story. and a sad song. and some look like i should feel sorry for it. you don't know the thoughts in my head. i don't even know the thoughts in my head. i forgot the thoughts in my head. i wonder how many people sat here. wondering what to do with themselves. writing stupid little lines of code like it'll unlock some kind of tucked away feeling or setiment that was somehow lost. I wonder if they thought about who'd come and do the same. leaving little notes that they know perfectly well won't ever be answered. just moving along and pretending like it's all perfectly OK. just a misplaced thought of something else that wasn't ever there. it's all so pointless. it's all so meaningfull. it's all just somewhere in the middle. do do dodo. do do do dooododo.


my ability to form the words seems to have died off. taken a nap. gone on vacation. raising a family. taking pictures of the snow. something. i just can't focus anymore. can't even be creative with it. without it. stream of conscious is so cliched. all i have now is a look out a window. trees and buds and people outside. i just can't relate. i like the snow on the branches. the ice weighing everything down. the depressing little perks that seem to bother everyone but me. all i can do is look. and listen. and go on and on and on. this path i travel and travel over and over. a few steps behind and regrets in front and behind.

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:: <Datox> Web PageAIMEmail <2006-10-11 15:22:35> ::
I just wanted to pass on a note to let you know what a great job you have done with this site.

:: <Jiseho> Web PageAIMEmail <2006-10-11 15:16:32> ::
I thought that few things can impress me a lot!

:: <shmike> AIM <2003-04-29 22:01:33> ::
that's the spirit!

:: <Ugly Joe> Web PageAIMEmail <2003-04-29 21:54:56> ::
"it's not that i have low self-esteem, i just have low esteem for everyone else"

:: <Matt> AIM <2003-04-29 20:03:52> ::
I'm posting this although I don't know what to say.

:: <me> <2003-04-29 17:36:47> ::
quite feeling sorry for yourself !