"I like your site very much indeed."
:: Design ::
I usually design web sites when I'm bored. Some turn out pretty good, other's tend to suck pretty badly. My first webpage, in case you were wondering, is no longer with us (i think). You aren't missing much, though. It was just some filler text (not unlike what you're reading now), a bunch of pictures of Homer, and a midi of "The Distance" by Cake in the background. Ah, the good old days...

Anyway, I just make sites when I feel like making them. If you want me to make you a site, email me and I'll see what I can do. I'll prolly do it for free, out of sheer boredom. Especially if it's for a band. So...uh...yeah...

:: Active Sites ::

:: Dreaming of Rest ::
Yup, yet another design for DofR. My problem is that I don't really update it. When I finally do, I just go ahead and redesign it, like I'm actually gonna use it. Oh well. This one is CSS and tables, again. It's pretty quick loading, and very, very tiny. I seem to be doing that more and more. Soon I'll have a site that fits entirely on an average site's navbar. Oh well. I really do like this design, though. It's a shame no one ever visits it (and that I never update it). Meh.

:: Dead Sites ::

:: Dreaming of Rest ::
This is the latest design of my current Smashing Pumpkins site. Since I had to go home for the summer, I lost the bandwidth needed to run my server. As such, I changed my site into more of a resource site. Also, I changed the design quite a bit. I'm happy with the color scheme and how well the pictures blend in. This is also the first CSS page that I've built that is cross-browser compatible. The bulk of this site, suprisingly, was made all in one night. It's surpising that I did it one night, but that I did it in one night and that it turned out so well (at least I think so). Of all the designs that i've made, this is my favorite.
:: Ye Olde Gamers ::
Augh...Ye Olde Gamers. The ill-fated video game review site. This is actually the third design for the site. This design was made with the help of Dave. This site, despite the time I poured into it, never really pleased me. I'm not entirely sure what it was missing, but it was lacking something. All in all, I didn't like running it and it was an overall bad experience. If I learned anything from it, it was not to jump into a site like that...and if you do, don't keep updating it until you get bitter towards it (like I am now). Bah.
:: Dreaming of Rest (old design) ::
My third Smashing Pumpkins site (they're my favorite band, btw). This was the acommpanying website for the FTP site that I run when I'm at RIT. The original design for this site was very, very basic. This design was made over Christmas vacation because I was really, really bored at home. I'm really glad with how it turned out. My only problem was that the pictures along the top and left sides didn't have enough pics of the Billy (the band's frontman). This was something that I could have fixed, but decided not to because...well...laziness.
:: NoisE ::
This was the fourth and final design for NoisE. NoisE was a subsection of a site called the sketchbook...it's dead now. I liked the first design, but I had been a bit overzealous and made a bunch of sections that I'd never update. The second design was toned down and much more simplistic. In exchange, I made a form for submitting band/song reviews. For the third design, I decided to add a 'song lyric' section that users could submit to automatically (a feature I've been meaning to work into XiMWiX somehow). I didn't much care for the third design, so I started work on the fourth design almost right away. This design was my first trek into CSS. The code is horribly sloppy, and I don't think it views properly in any browser, but I like it nonetheless. I especially like the black/white switch on the side that allows for an inverse view. NoisE was probably my favorite page to have worked on. I learned of a lot of good bands, learned some Perl basics, CSS basics, frameset stuff, and other things.

:: Never Sites ::

:: Puzli's Oddities ::
I had an idea for a different kind of nav bar design and made this empty site just to see how it would look. The name doesn't hold any kind of significance, other than to show how horrible I am at naming things on the spot. It's written up in CSS (my latest thing) and a frameset. The nav thing is supposed to kinda be like a filing cabinet. Like, the pages are supposed to be inbetween the nav bar's tabs. Dunno if it makes sense or not. I'll prolly make one in flash so that they'll actually slide over and stuff.