"I like your site very much indeed."
:: art ::
Exploding Dog
This guy draws stuff based on titles he gets through email. Lots of stick figures and robots. Definately worth checking out.
the Creatures in my Head
He draws creatures. They look funny and sometimes have blood and stuff. Interesting!

:: blog ::
Potato Chronicle
My room mate's site. Videogames and boredom and sickness and such.
Cowbells, cowbells, cowbells!
The name about says it all. Cancery blog fun for all.

:: e/n ::
Crazy stuff with users and whatnot.

:: emulation ::
Zophar's Domain
Emulation news site.

:: gaming ::
The Last Outpost
Gaming articles. Mostly about older stuff or how new games suck.

:: humour ::
Comical articles on various things from the 80s and early 90s. Oozing with nostalgia.
Homestar Runner
Home! Star! Run! Go!

:: link to me ::
Use this button to link to me. Animated.
Use this button to link to me. Animated.
Use this button to link to me. Animated.
Use this button to link to me. Not animated.

:: music ::
Smashing Pumpkins Fan Collaborative
More info about the Smashing Pumpkins than there probably should be.
Official cKy website.
The Weakerthans
Official The Weakerthans site.
An excellent fansite for the band Centaur.
Cool music review site. Where I found out about Unwound (for which I am unfathomely grateful).
Rival Booking
South Jersey band? Need a gig? Check with these guys. Really.
WBER 90.5 fm
This is the website for a Rochester radio station...and they play Indie stuff! There's a realaudio stream, too.

:: programming ::
W3 Schools
Where I learned CSS. Still use it as my reference. Well worth visiting if you're looking to learn. Also, worst link button ever!

:: webcomics ::
Story of two guys who get stuck in japan. Videogames and schoolgirls abound.
8-Bit Theater
A webcomic displaying the misadventures of Final Fantasy. Varying quality.
Penny Arcade
I think you know what it is.
Men in Hats
Webcomic from the author of Pentasmal. It has these guys, and hats, and they talk to each other.
The story of young Wigu Tinkle and his crazy family. Also, a super hero potato made of poison.
Diesel Sweeties
A bunch of crazy characters having sex with each other. It's all pixelated and stuff. There's a cat and a toaster, too.
Cat & Girl
A cat. A girl.
Strings of Fate
An ongoing comic about some guy who finds out he's actually the Rat god. Trippy stuff. Based loosely on the Chinese zodiac.
Return to Sender
The story of a guy who finds a mysterious mailslot in his apartment wall. Also, a weird friend that likes candy.