"I like your site very much indeed."
:: About ::
This is the NoisE section. No, it's not done...not even close. But, since I'm gradually working on it, I figured I'll make these pages so I can post my progress without cluttering up the rants on the front page. For now, it's in three sections:
  • About:
    You're reading it now.
  • Dev:
    This is where I'll post my progress. I doubt anyone is interested, but if you are, that's where I'm posting them. This will probably make me interested in working on it, regardless if anyone cares or not (most likely not).
  • Beta:
    This is where actual pages of NoisE are going to go. These will be more for me to look around and try to get things ironed out, but you can look around too. Don't be suprised if a lot of the stuff there doesn't work.
That about covers it.