Code Name Viper (with pants)

last updated: 5:48 PM 3/2/2006


last updated: 5:48 PM 3/2/2006

So, uh, Capcom...what were you thinking? It's one thing to totally rip off the Rolling Thunder series by making Code Name: Viper. It's just plain insulting for you to make this ripoff and not give the main character any pants.

In light of this terrible oversight, I decided to make a quick graphics hack to get some pants on this “Mr. Smith” fellow.


last updated: 5:48 PM 3/2/2006

5:48 PM 3/2/2006
No real news. I did the whole thing in one sitting. First I added pants to Mr. Smith. Then I played the game for a while to make sure I got all the frames of animation. I fixed up the spots I missed and tested again to make sure. After that, I fixed up the remaining-players avatar. That little guy was going pantsless as well. With that out of the way, I did a really simple title screen hack.

And there it is, Code Name: Viper (with pants).


last updated: 5:48 PM 3/2/2006

Here's the IPS. It's intended for use with the US rom. The rom which you'll have to acquire elsewhere.

Download the IPS Patch.


last updated: 5:48 PM 3/2/2006

Title Screen:
Title Screen

No Pants (Before):
No Pants (Before)

Pants (After):
Pants (After)
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