Finished Projects

last updated: 6:57 PM 3/2/2006

Code Name: Viper (with pants)
I have undone the horrible attrocity performed by Capcom. This hack puts the pants back on to the main character's sprite.

Active Projects

last updated: 6:13 PM 4/15/2006

Text Hooker
This programs adds functionality to FCEudxSP (ex +alpha, championship edition) that allows the user to highlight text from the game screen and copy it into a text window. Now downloadable!

Hanjuku Hero
My first and perpetually incomplete translation of Square's Hanjuku Hero for the NES.

Maniac Mansion
The Japanese saw it fit to completely remake Maniac Mansion, rather than just translate the pre-existing US port of the game. This is quite possibly the most unneeded translation ever!

Monster Maker: 7 Tsu No Hihou
I have no idea what this game is about. It has a really unique dungeon system, though, so I figured I'd try and get it translated.

A simple way for inputting Japanese text. Click on the kana, and it appears in the textbox. Its name is short for something, click to find out!

Inactive Projects

last updated: 9:35 PM 10/16/2005

Galaxy Angel
What's this? It's not an NES game? There was a request on ZMD for some people to work on a translation for Galaxy Angel for the GBA, so I gave it a shot.

Other Stuff

last updated: 9:35 PM 10/16/2005

Shift-JIS table file
This is a table file that I had PHP generate for me. I believe it has the entire Shift-JIS character set in it, but I'm not sure how I would go about verifying that. I made it for my Galaxy Angel script dump, but I would wager that there are quite a few other GBA games that would use this table.

Tetris 2 + BomBliss NSF rip
This is my NSF rip of Tetris 2 + BomBliss (which is the real Tetris 2, not Tetris Flash, which they called Tetris 2 in NA). The soundtrack was composed by Koichi Sugiyama, of Dragon Quest fame. A big thanks goes to Gil-Galad for pointing out the magic memory addresses!
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