Text Hooker released!

6:13 PM 4/15/2006

I've released the first version of my NES Text Hooker. It's part of my FCEUXDSP fork, FCEUXDSP Championship Edition. You can get it from the Text Hooker project page.


6:59 PM 3/2/2006

It's my birthday. I'm bored. I decided to do a simple hack and put pants back onto a sprite in a Capcom NES game. Woo. Check out my latest project.

Fill In the Blanks

9:33 PM 10/16/2005

I'm currently changing around my main website and I'll be linking to this page from there soon. Because of this, I've finally got around to adding all the project pages. No more 404s, yay! Go check them out if you want. It'll be a great way to kill a few minutes.

Coder's Block

6:58 PM 8/29/2005

I've been busy with personal stuff, so I haven't been working at all on my coding projects at all. I took the time this weekend to work on the Text Hooker again and I finally have the Babelfish translator function working. Check the Text Hooker project page for more info.

Zeppelin Rules...!

3:33 PM 8/6/2005

Not much to report. I've been messing with iconv and winsock stuff to try and get the translation functions of the Text Hooker working. For the record, libiconv sucks massive wang. However, it's the best (free) tool for the job, so I'm stuck having to use it. I couldn't get the actual iconv function to work with anything more than a single integer, so I'm having to write my own functions to convert a string into a sequence of integers that I can pass to the iconv function. It's working, but in a very messy and roundabout kind of way.

I'm now at a point where it's really close to working, but just too messy to tweek any more. I'm in the process of rewriting the couple of functions and while loops into a single, readable, usable function. Once I've accomplished that, things will start progressing again.

Modest Opening!

12:57 AM 7/25/2005

Hooray! I made yet another website!

There isn't much here for now. I wanted to get my Text Hooker progress page up and didn't feel like making summaries for my other projects. So, it's just the Text Hooker page for now (and the links and the about page).

Check back infrequently, since that's when I'll be updating!
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