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There was a post made on ZMD a while ago by someone who wanted to start a Galaxy Angel translation project. Galaxy Angel is a slapsticky anime, for those who don't know. I enjoyed the series and, upon seeing this post, decided to see what I could do.

To make a long story short, I wasted a whole lot of time trying to dump the script out this gba game. I couldn't use my usual table making method since the font table for a gba game is much much larger than a font table used by an nes game. Enter Feidian. This little known tool is so awesome if you learn how to use it. By using it, I managed to dump the font table out of the game. Since I had that, I could now relative search and find out corresponding hex values. It was a success.

However, I was now faced with the task of creating a HUGE table file. Luck, as it happens, would soon intervene. I was trying to figure out the range of the font table so that I would know exactly how big this table was going to be. While trying different values for the lower bound, the game glitched up and displayed a string beginning with "Shift_JIS". I realized almost immediately what this meant. I quickly looked up the hex values used by the Shift JIS character set and, sure enough, it matched up perfectly to the hex values the game was using.

With my new-found knowledge, I created a PHP script to dump a table file for me containing all of the Shift JIS characters. With the table completed, I was finally able to dump the script.

So what became of it? It's simple really. The person who was putting together the translation project had never done anything like it before and had no idea what he was getting himself into. Through email correspondances, I was told that he sent off my script dump to a translator and was given her email address. She did not respond to my inquery. Oh well. I am finished with this one.


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The Shift JIS table file
I'm sure that this will work on quite a few other GBA games. It's rather large (about 70k).

HTML Script Dump
This is the script dump that I had made. This is a cleaned up html version for that translator, so the address information is completely gone. I lost that info in the great reformat disaster. This is all that remains (thanks to my emails). This is about 80k, so if you plan on using for something, please save it and view it locally. Be warned, it's very messy.
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