Monster Maker: 7 Tsu no Hihou

last updated: 8:17 PM 10/16/2005


last updated: 8:17 PM 10/16/2005

This is a somewhat interesting RPG. I have no idea what the story is, or what the point is. As far as I can gather (and as far as I've played), I managed to rescue the king's daughter. It's shaping up to be rather generic in story, it seems.

The game is unique because of its dungeon system. Basically, there are overturned cards occupying each part of the dungeon. When you first explore it, you flip the cards over and have to face with what is on the other side. This can be a battle, a companion (joins your party), a shop, a restoration point, and other things.

I haven't been able to figure out how to use the magic system. There are spells that you can cast (using cards, I believe) and there are monsters that you can summon (also using cards). The confusing part is knowing what spells I am buying and knowing what it is they do. It seems that each spell costs some gold and some other kind of points. I don't know how to restore the other points.

I have this game kinda pushed to the side for now. I tried to add a DTE hack, but could not find sufficient space. I then proceeded to expand the rom so that I could fit the hack and kinda succeeded at that. The end product is buggy and the asm for it is quite messy. I'll have to redo it before I move on with the translation, and that is a major setback (as it requires some serious work at my skill level).
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