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I created Tolatoleka as a means of inputting Japanese text. It supplies you with a list of kana (Japanese characters) as they look in most Famicom games (most of the font is from Final Fantasy 3). When you click on the kana, it's text equivilant will show up in a text box. If you don't have Japanese font support, the text box will show jibberish. No matter. After you've put in the whole word (or words), press the 'babelfish' button and the word or phrase will be passed on to Babelfish to be translated (albeit a poor translation). The 'aaaa' button can be used to see the word in romaji (that is, how the word is written with a roman alphabet).

It's not without its flaws, but I figured I'd put up this version since I may not get around to upgrading it.

I've begun work on a table maker that makes use of this interface. I'll post more about that when I am satisfied enough with it to release it.

Oh, and the title is short for "Too Lazy To Learn Kana".


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Preliminary Release
Extract this to its own folder and open up tolatoleka.htm. I've tested this on my PC with Japanese support and on a virtual machine running Windows 98 without Japanese font support. If works on both for me. It something doesn't seem to be working for you, please with the details.
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